Sepid Oxide Zanjan Manufacturing and research company

Sepid Oxide Zanjan was founded in 2006 with two separate production units aiming to achieve the following goals.

Zinc oxide production unit

The first unit produces a wide range of zinc oxide products for domestic and foreign customers.

Unit for the production and recovery of colored metals

 Currently, this unit is the leading producer of blister copper ingot in Iran by recovering industrial wastes such as brass slag and used base metal catalysts.

The total production capacity of the company is 14000 tons of zinc oxide, blister copper ingot, and non-ferrous metals in a year.


Owing to our well-equipped laboratory that incorporates accurately calibrated devices that allows for accurate chemical analysis and control of the raw materials and the products in every step of the production.

Zinc Oxide

This unit has two separate halls for producing zinc oxide based on the raw material (zinc ingot and slag with zinc content) of various grades according to the customer demand.

Ingot Casting

This unit is responsible for casting ingots using furnaces that are equipped with a back filtering system in line with environmental standards.

unit Crushing

A crushing unit was established for grading the various raw materials.





A Word from the CEO

The senior management team of the organization hereby states its policy and orientations for the public knowledge (including our workforce and the stakeholders), declaring its commitment to the aforementioned standards.


  • Providing a safe and healthy workplace, and commitment to prevention of injuries and illnesses and improvement of occupational safety and health management.
  • Being committed to standards and legal requirements that apply to the products, the environment, and occupational health.
  • Supplying quality products with competitive prices through professional management and supporting national economic growth.
  • Commitment to the continuous improvement of our products and services.
  • Appreciating our workforce by providing a safe and creative environment for innovative activities, respecting the workforce, commitment to training the talents, and belief in synergy and meritocracy.
  • Keeping customers satisfied and continuously working to increase their satisfaction.

Sepid Oxide Zanjan

Sepid Oxide Zanjan was founded in 2006 with two separate production units aiming to achieve the following goals. 



Unit 16, 4th Floor, No. 12, 19th St, Gandhi St, Vanak Sq, Tehran, Iran.



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FACTORY UNIT 1: Bahrevari 10th St, Rooy Industrial Complex, Zanjan

FACTORY UNIT 2: Western 4th St, Naaji Industrial Complex, Zanjan


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